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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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the city hands occupy oakland another eviction notice but tonight no sign of a break in the stalemate. good evening i'm ken pritchett in for ken wayne. >> hello everyone again, i'm heather holmes. bracing for the city's next move after another warning to vacate city property or face arrest. oakland protesters have standing firm preparing for a possible show down with police. jade hernandez has been at the scene monitoring the situation at frank ogawa. she spoke to demonstrators who told her they expect a police raid any time. >> reporter: at tonight's
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general assembly protesters discussed this latest notice to vacate and to stop what to do if arrested. despite city warning more than 110 tents remain at frank ogawa. >> i wonder more on what will happen if i'm not sheer. -- if i'm not sheer. >> reporter: for good reason the seattle woman remains. >> i got arrested and got roughed up pretty good by the oakland police and i was surprised. >> reporter: so tonight the general assembly warned protesters and briefly instructed those gathered to take down a phone number to call if jailed. some occupiers are concerned if and when police move in anarchist, plaid in black and wearing gas masks will start a demonstration like they did last week. >> people ran when police came and we bore the brunt of police anger.
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>> we fight for equality by any means necessary. >> reporter: this protester is convinced that those involved in this movement aren't leaving no matter the imminent threat of police action. >> the camp is prepared to defend itself. obviously police have been very brutal in the past and that is a concern but people are still here, people are saying we're not going any where. >> we've seen a strong police presence in the last few days, not the same presence as snow park, a concentration of about 20 or so tents still occupy the space. jade hernandez, ktvu news. new details now on a deadly shooting near the occupy oakland encampment outside city hall of thursday. just about two hours ago authorities identified the victim in that shooting as 25- year-old kayote foster of oakland. foster had been at the camp a few days before the shooting and introduced himself as alex
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from richmond. authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. the iraq war veteran hit with a tear gas tank during an occupy oakland protest last month says he's feeling a lot better. scott olson was released from the hospital and today he posted a photo on his google plus account. he says quote after my freedom of speech was quite literally taken from me my speech is coming back but i have a lot of work to do with rehab. he also says you will be hearing more from me in the near future and soon enough will see you on our streets. police are still looking for people who participated in the occupy sf march. the first officer was slashed in the hand by a woman while trying to keep demonstrators off the street. the second officer was hurt while chasing a protester who had taken his radio. that's when another protester
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chased the officer, cut his face and pulled his uniform. both officered are expected to be okay. police chief says he's interviewing witnesses and reviewing footage of wednesday's violent crash between officers and students to see if it is set for review. he is also using the incident to see whether pepper spray and tear gas should be used in future presentations. students clashed with protesters who ignored orders to leave their camp. >> i forgive you. >> reporter: about 50 of the demonstrators who had pitched tents in a public park for weeks refused to vacant this morning and were arrested. others reorganized and took to near by streets. portland's major says he understands the protesters goal but that he has to draw the line some where. >> on one hand it's i'm moving
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way too slowly and the police are moving way too slowly. on the other hand i'm a dictator and against free speech. i'm trying to strike the balance. occupy portland activists held a standing to find out what actions they should take to keep the movement alive. the one that started it all is still thriving. thursday will mark two months since the occupy wall street protest began in new york. today campers at the park received some medical attention. doctors and nurses at ministered free flu shots to protesters camping out at the park just in time for the peak of the flu season. stay with ktvu channel 2 news for continuing coverage when oakland police do move in on the encampment outside city hall we will have it for you on air and online on a man hit by a munni bus this afternoon and pinned under one of the wheels has died of
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his injuries. police say he was run over by the number 14 mission bus. his right leg was stuck under one of the tires and police shut down the intersection while emergency crews freed the man and took him to the hospital. several hours later, we got word that he died. the driver was placed on leave pending an investigation. this weekend is the official launch of a new effort to fight crime in oakland's montclaire district. it held an informational section on saturday and the group now hopes to have as many as 16,000 people sign up to the program. >> due to the increase in crimes and our lack of resources with opd, this was our way of coming together as a community and helping each other out. >> reporter: winter says that video from a security camera recently helped police win a conviction for a crime in the valley view area.
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she is trying to get the word out about the program to get more people signed up. a technician has reportedly falsified tests on other projects. an investigation by the sacramento bee found the technician has been disciplined for fabricating test results. the report also says that on the bay bridge work he failed to verify that his gate was working properly. the technician is now on administrative leave but wasn't put on leave until after the newspaper's investigation. caltrans says the construction is safe. two people are displaced tonight after fire damaged their san francisco apartment. flames broke out about 8:00 this morning at the apartment on third avenue. the two residents escaped but suffered smoke inhalation. neighbors helped everyone else get out safely. >> we saw the flames shooting out of the building. the man who pulled the fire alarm went and kicked the door
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open and began waking people up and getting them out. it was a pretty good sized fire. >> reporter: crews attacked the fire but attacking from both the ground and the roof. the cause appears to be accidental. this week's santa clara city leaders could take the next step in moving the 49ers stadium to the south bay. as ktvu's allie rasumus explains it's a move that fans have mixed thoughts on. >> reporter: what sundays are all about for these die-hard niners fans. >> win or lose you come to the game. but this is what we really, really like to do is tailgate. >> reporter: but imagine all of this happening miles away from san francisco. this week santa clara city leaders could take the next step in bringing the new 49ers stadium to the south bay. it's not a done deal yet but the signs declare this empty lot next to great america the future home of the 49ers. on tuesday, santa clara city
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council is expected to allocate $27 million to start moving utilities to prepare for possible stadium construction next year. we contacted the city's mayor and vice mayor to ask them about the city meeting but did not get a call back from them. >> this is our home, we want to keep this our home. >> it's an icon right here and that's what it's all about. it's the niners. >> to resignation. >> we'll take what comes, we're okay with change everyone at our age. >> reporter: and other fans say they are excited about change. >> of course you have several highways to feed into that. >> and while some fans may be attached to candle stick park, ultimately -- >> we're niners fans so wherever they go we'll go. >> reporter: many fans tell us they come to the game to cheer for the team not for the stadium. >> pennsylvania's governor called for stricter child abuse reporter laws in his state as
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he defended the decision to fire penn state football coach joe paterno. paterno was caught on tape as his team played without him for the first time. last week the university board including the governor abruptly fired paterno. >> the attorney general made a determination that he had not at this point in time done anything that would be of a criminal nature, but in my opinion when you don't follow through, when you don't continue on to make sure that actions are taken then i lose confidence in your ability to lead. paterno reported sexual abuse allegations about jerry sandusky to his supervisor.
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proposed law would require employees to report allegations to police. frank oharris played in penn state in the 60s and 70s. after visiting his long time coach, he says his old coach has regrets. >> i said that's just vintage joe, that's his character. he would not say hey, the person i passed it on to should have done their job. he is probably feeling guilty that they didn't follow up on their job. >> the judge who freed sandusky was a volunteer for sandusky's second mile charity. sandusky is freed on $100,000 bail as he faces more than 20 counts on child sexual abuse. italy has a new prime minister who is moving quickly
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to form a new government. commissioner mario montee was -- >> they've expressed the vote, the vote of their government. all of a sudden they see a new guy coming to the scene, never been elected by the same people. >> reporter: italian lawmakers are under pressure to agree quickly to a new coalition government to give mario montee the support he needs to pass economic reform. in spain, thousands of people took to the streets of the nation's capital to protest the government's austerity measure. demonstrators are upset of such high unemployment rate and are accusing the government of corporate greed. the thanksgiving travel rush is expected to begin this
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week. which days will be the busiest and the challenge forcing some bay area travelers to change their holiday plans. the fight goes on, a bay area family is not giving up hope after losing a loved one to a devastating disease. mr. b.a.r.t. turn to voters to help pay for new trains? the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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fewer people are expected to fly for this upcoming holiday. but as maureen naylor reports that does not simply mean an easier time for passengers. >> reporter: ken for one, the average flight this thanksgiving is costing 10% more this year. while the holiday typically means full stomachs this time the holiday could also mean full flight. >> reporter: the holiday season is just about to take off. some stuck in a long security line at san francisco international are glad they're part of it. >> i'm staying home. this is crazy, it's not even thanksgiving and it's already a huge line out here. >> this year we felt we wanted to get away and go some where warm. >> so this family of four is going to hawaii. >> we're going just for five days because coming back on
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sunday or saturday was completely booked. >> reporter: by predictions, flights are expected to be full. the air transport association expects 28.3 million travelers in two days a 2% drop from last year. but there's fewer empty seats because airlines are dropping flights. >> i would have rather left friday but it's all that was available. >> reporter: officials at sfo expect the thanksgiving rush to start this friday with the busiest travel day being sunday after thanksgiving. >> it's just an understanding in my family that i'm always coming home for thanksgiving, and it's going to be a quick but good trip. >> reporter: check flight status before arriving at the the airport. based on the published airline schedule, expect fewer flights
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throughout the winter. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the capital christmas tree is already making a big impression in los angeles. it made a stop in los solis today where people were ogling the tree and writing holiday messages on the canvas cover. the 65-foot white fir was cut down in the stanislaus national forest. it'll make a few final stops before it travels to washington, d.c. it should get there by november 28. san francisco is confirming that with one key exception. despite the race for mayor only 20% of registered voters cast ballots. 50% of chinese americans voted breaking a record. the excitement is credited for helping elect ed lee san francisco's first chinese american mayor.
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four other candidates also have asian heritage. president obama is back in asian tonight. the president joined leaders of eight other countries for this week's summit. he says despite cultural differences all 21 nations had some very important things in common. >> we all share the same hopes, the same struggles and the same aspirations. and we've learned that we're more likely to realize our as separations when we pursue them together. that's the spirit of hawaii. >> reporter: summit leaders expressed concern about the european debt crisis and expressed ways to mitigate the damage if europe falls back into a rescission. the wife of herman cain is speaking out about the recent sexual harassment claims against her husband. gloria cain says that allegations are not true and that her husband totally respects women. four women have come forward
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and said that they were sexually harassed by cain. it has been a rocky week for the republican presidential candidates. a big change in the campaign landscape in just a few weeks is shown. herman cain fliped from the top spot after recent sexual harassment allegations. rick perry lost half of his support possibly do to a memory lapse during a debate. ron paul also slipped 1%. mitt romney and newt gingrich seem to have benefited from all of the scandals. it has been a long fight for a bryan carter, a californian soldier who lost his life. >> reporter: just one of many to his father bryan carter. >> i miss his humor, his one
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liners, laughing and joking, brave. great father, great husband. >> i'm thinking, anything can go chaotically wrong he would say okay let's go handle it. and we would say let's make it happen then. nothing really shook him. >> reporter: back in 2009 just after his wife tiana found out she was pregnant. bryan carter was diagnosed with nonhopkins lymphoma. >> it was very devastating. but you know we kept busy with our two kids and the goal was and there really wasn't any doubt in our mind that he was going to get better. >> reporter: despite a bone marrow transplant. and still, that unanimous donor gave them a lot. >> whether he gave bryan an extra hour, an extra month it
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was that much longer that myself and my kids had with him. >> reporter: this morning tiana ran in southern california to raise awareness on marrow donation. >> bryan fought with everything that he had, so, just continue, continue to do that work. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu news. coming up in about 10 minutes, home from war with invisible scars. how the va is preparing to treat the wounds not seen. board members told the contra costa times that they do not have the votes to pass a 2012 ballot measure. that was based on a poll that predicted only 40% of voters would support it. b.a.r.t. wants to raise more than $650 million for new cars, it's trains are the oldest in the country. safe at home, the reunion
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between a professional baseball player and his family. after he was kidnapped in venezuela and freed during a daring rescue. a little later, burning men has become a little too popular. the chain planned. and few clouds are moving into the bay area right now. more changes under way. coming up the warmest days, the timing of a mayor cool down and when changes could be added to our forecast. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends, so, open your eyes and check out your new living room! [ gasps ] honey, the tv's over there!
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with your walgreens pharmacist today to review your part d plan options and find ways to save. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. police in new york are investigating a series of hate crimes by vandals. they left graffitis on sidewalks and vehicles in brooklyn. >> come to democracy and freedom and to see these things happen, it's very upsetting. >> it's shocking, it's crazy. it's sad, it's sickening.
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>> dozens of people including community leaders marched through brooklyn protesting the crimes. the streak comes on the jewish holiday of broken glass. where hundreds of synagogues were burned. muslims in indonesia protested against president obama's visit. today more than 1,000 assembled they carried signs calling for rejection of obama. capitalism and imperialism. mr.obama will go to indonesia for a summit at the end of the week. and brazilian authorities have taken back one of rio de jainerio slums from drug cartels. the raid lasted a few hours and officials say not a single shot
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was fired. the effort is on the heels of the olympic games. and happy times for baseball player ramos as he's reunited with his family. ramos was kidnapped at gunpoint outside his family's home. the washington national's catcher told the media his two day ordeal was painful and that he thought no one would find him. instead commandos stormed a hide out and freed him. police are investigating a colomiban man accused of kidnapping him. a construction crew ruptured a gas pipe and it blew up. six people were hurt including three kids under the age of 5. and a 13-year-old who's in critical condition.
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the 75-year-old missing man was found beneath a glass wall. it appears the contractors did not follow proper procedures to call about gas lines before they started digging. an explosion and fire in chicago today destroyed a home and critically injured two people. neighbors described seeing the windows shatter and a house collapse. the fire spread and heavily damaged several other homes. investigators blame the explosion on a gas leak. neighbors say they smelled the leak last night. they're home but that's sometimes only half the battle. caring for veterans and the scares for more that we do not see. and after selling out this year, big changes are planned for burning man. the new step for people who want to attend the counter poster phenomenon.
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it is a season of home comings between now and the end of the year as the iraq war ends. many are coming home with wounds you can't see but at least one in five with wounds you cannot see. and the va is ready for those as rita williams reports. >> reporter: they are coming home, they survive the war in iraq is ending. but some are bringing the war home with them. >> we return home, that's when it all starts. >> when you come back everything just comes at you. everyone wants to see you. all your loved ones want to be near you. they want to ask you questions. you don't want to answer questions. >> alfonso molina enlisted at 20 the 82nd airborne. he says he still can't talk to civilians about what happened in iraq. all he saw and experienced
10:31 pm
keeps coming back. yet he says it was a singular purpose, keep your comrades alive and protect yourself. >> you come back and it's like, so what's my purpose now? >> overwhelmed by what seemed like trivial details of living he lost jobs, drank too much, lost his license. it took him three years after returning seeing his battle buddies struggling too to figure out he wasn't crazy and went to the va for help. >> it finally clicked in, i must be careful i'm going to hurt somebody or hurt myself. >> reporter: the purpose now at the palo alto va is to help other returning soldiers not to struggle with depression the way he did and to tell their families to be patient. saying seeing all the injured
10:32 pm
veterans there keeps him festering, his survival's guilty never ends. >> formal staff sergeant june moss's husband was a soldier too. they had two children. >> we both went to war together. when we returned we weren't the same. >> reporter: they dealt with their war trauma differently. divorced. moss packed on pounds, lost her house, her car, her army career and a medical discharge originally diagnosed with depression she says because she was a woman. later changed to ptsd. >> i took on a razor to my wrist. >> reporter: now she is thankful that the suicide attempt forced her to go to the v.a. for the war still going on in her head. >> i know what it is, i lived it, i'm still living it. >> you're still going to
10:33 pm
counseling? >> weekly, i'm in counseling weekly. >> reporter: at the palo alto va, colter goes out to try to find them. >> we want to take care of them because they've done so much for our country. >> call me if you need anything. >> will do. >> all right. moss and molina now are helping other returning troops with invisible wounds finally win the war here at home. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. west contra costa voters have just two more days to determine the fate of doctors medical center. the san pablo hospital has the biggest and busiest emergency room in that part of the country. voters are being asked to decide on a $7 million a year parcel tax to keep it open. the city has to fill a budget gap if the parcel tax fails, the hospital will probably close next year. the deadline to summit a ballot is next tuesday. the international diabetes
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federation predicts one in ten adults will have diabetes by 2030. by then the number of deaths from the disease could double. that's roughly 522 million people with diabetes in less than 20 years. right now there's 346 million people with the disease. the new report is based on aging and demographic changes and includes both type one and type two diabetes. the creator of the influential pink ribbon campaign has died. evelyn lauder created the cancer foundation. she helped raise funds as well as organize. the pink ribbon campaign became popular with celebrities such as elizabeth hurley. lauder suffered with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. people who want to go to
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the burning man the event will have to win the lottery. organizers decided to distribute tickets according to a lottery this year that will also help prevent a rush on ticket that is overloads their servers. only 50,000 people are allowed at the event. but critics say the new system will destroy the free for all spirit that burning man is known for. some of the bay area's finalist firefighters traded in their uniforms for hockey jerseys today. the san francisco and oakland fire departments took to the ice on oakland today for the fourth annual charity hockey event. that event raises money for programs put together by the alicia and bruce foundation that helps send burned children to camp. >> the weekly program is paid for by the foundation through donations like these.
10:36 pm
each kids costs $750 to send to camp. we're hoping to send a few kids to camp today. >> reporter: it was a close game but in the end san francisco fire fighters came out on top 4-2. if you're going to talk the talk you better walk the walk. hear about the 49ers after taking down the trash talking giants. and our meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us what to expect.
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well just a minor change with our weather pattern over the last few days, it was a very nice weekend but get ready for a big roller coaster ride
10:39 pm
with temperatures and the rain will be making a come back in the next couple of days. we do have high clouds drifting in from the north and west. if you look up to the sky right now we do have partly cloudy skies out there being reported across a good portion of the bay area. it's a pretty nice weekend out there. looking out toward the bay, you see the boat traffic and a few high clouds pushing into the region. temperatures this afternoon most of the region topped out in the mid- to upper 60s. the forecast tomorrow clouds outs there to start the day with hazy sunshine. we could be tracking multiple rain clouds beginning friday and as we head into the next weekend. overnight lows for your monday. most of the region starting the day in the 40s for santa rosa, napa, lower 40s. san francisco right about 60 and fremont cloudy to partly cloudy skies.
10:40 pm
high pressure sticks around, with that clearing sky it's partly to mostly sunny conditions. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. a few neighborhood will be at 67 to 68 degrees. this cooler weather system a much cooler weather system moves in from the north. this will thicken up the clouds by thursday afternoon, cooling begins on thursday but you will notice the biggest change as we head into friday. by friday we bring in the possibility of rain showers and it will be cold enough. and that cool potentially unsettled weather pattern can head into our tuesday. partly cloudy or a few mostly cloudy observations out there. increased in sunshine. that contour lifts up to the 60s. quite a few 60s to show you in the forecast. santa rosa 66. san jose tops out at 65. a bit of a breeze kicks in
10:41 pm
throughout the afternoon hours. nothing major, typical sea breeze from 10 to 20 miles per hour. your extended forecast, a fairly quiet weather pattern monday, tuesday and wednesday things begin to change as we head into thursday with clouds. cool showers on friday. and into an ex next weekend, we're going to hold on to shower chances. that timing is a bit iffy in the long range but it will be cooling off a bit. and get ready for a winter wonderland around here. >> and start looking for it friday. >> yeah. an we hear from the 49ers after their victory over the new york giants. sports wrap is next. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining us this sunday night edition of sports wrap. seems like every time the 49ers and new york play each other it gets ugly. niners in red they led the giants four field goals to two in the third quarter when eli manning hits mario manningham for the first touchdown of the game. giants led 13-12 after three quarters. niners pregame plan was to pass more today. and smith hits vernon davis on the cross pattern. watch vernon take this leap of faith. and phillips flips davis but


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